Snapping shots of food and sharing them on social media is a global phenomenon. Canadians who travel a lot, enjoy spreading the news about the delicious food they eat during their travels. By now, more or less, all Canadians are familiar with the major food chains. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have any locations open in Canada. 




Craig Patterson, editor-in-chief of Retail Insider and Canadian retail consultant, said that a lot of people find out about food chains on social media thanks to influencers. “It’s almost like the world has become so small that these global brands now are able to create a brand awareness even before they come into a market and people will get excited about it,” said Patterson. 


Four of the most popular food chains in the world are set to open new locations in Alberta and Ontario



Jollibee is one of the oldest fast-food chains in the Philippines. Today, it has more than a thousand restaurants all over the world. About six of those are currently working in Canada; however, a brand new one is bound to open in Alberta, more precisely, the capital Edmonton. 


The opening will undoubtedly be a media event, as Jollibee generates a lot of excitement, and has eager fans in Alberta. 



Chick-Fil-A is an Atlanta-based food chain. It is the third-largest fast-food chain in the US, and its reputation has hit a controversial note as of lately. Chick-Fil-A has made anti-LGBTQ group donations. On top of that, its president has been open publicly about being against homosexuality.


While the company plans to open 100 new locations in Canda, the choice of their first location is quite surprising given the anti-LGBTQ note. The first store will open in Toronto, very near the entrance to Toronto’s Gay Village. 


In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is coming to Canada for a very brief time. This food chain is trendy among all demographics and has generated quite many posts on Instagram. Unfortunately, it is going to be in Canada for just one day. In-N-Out is about to open a pop-up restaurant in Aldergrove during the car show event. 


Experts say that the company is testing the market and it is, generally speaking, a good sign. In-N-Out is probably coming to Canada in the foreseeable future. 



Eataly is a unique Italian-themed food chain. It is a variety of those grocery-restaurants. So far, the restaurant has locations in New York, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, LA, and Las Vegas. The guests have the option, after they buy the groceries, to have them cooked in the dining area. The concept resonated quite well with the consumers, thus the enormous popularity. 


Eataly is going to open its first 50,000 square feet location in Ontario. The fans will be able to find it at the Manulife Centre, Yorkville District, Toronto.



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