The current turmoil in the energy industry isn&#x27t only affecting Canada. Changes in renewable energy, new government mandates for green cities and businesses and lower dependence on oil and gas are factors impacting the energy industry around the world. Reflecting on these current issues, The Globe and Mail recently wrote an article advising investors to stay away from energy stocks as long-term investments for the time being. It&#x27s very possible the oil and gas industry will recover from its current stance, as energy companies are already showing signs of adapting. In fact, a new Canadian market forecast predicts that while the energy sector will still be the mainstay of Calgary, the impact will result in a slight dip in total commercial real estate purchases in 2015 to $25.5 billion. RBC and TD Economics expect these trends to also weaken employment gains over the next two years. With this in mind it only makes a lot of sense for Canadian real estate investors to seek out commercial property opportunities in the areas with the best employment and population growth. For example, Edmonton has a lot going for it right now and is enjoying a nice boost from tourism, technology and the startup hub it has formed. Office and multi-family may continue to perform well, as well local shopping plazas in blossoming areas of Edmonton as some of the most appetizing options for today&#x27s commercial property investor.

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