According to Benjamin Tal and a new CIBC World Markets report, Alberta remains the “most favourable place for small business to flourish.” A recent infographic via Medium, documents a dramatic and exponential rise in new business startups and investment activity in Edmonton, flowing through 2014. Popular pitching and funding platform AngelList listed 87 startups and almost 4,000 angel investors in Edmonton. However, while tech and startups are hot, there are many good reasons for angel investors and entrepreneurs to be prioritizing commercial real estate investments right now too. For a start, these small businesses need to secure and maintain affordable office spaces going forward. Whether they remain boutique-sized, work in co-working office spaces or plan to expand into retail storefronts, one of the best ways for them to ensure survival in this rapidly appreciating commercial real estate market is to own a slice of it. Many might not be able to afford or justify acquiring a whole office building, office condo, or shopping plaza, but they could utilize partnerships to own part of a building without having all the obligations. This will also provide them the benefit of sharing the wealth created from the lift in values. For many it can be a strategy to pull in additional income, depending if they sublet part of the building or invest close to home.  

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