Image Source: Marcie Casas Canadians are becoming more mobile and nomadic than they have been in generations. Sound commercial property investments at home are emerging as the best financial tool available to help them maintain balance in their finances and lifestyle goals. Canada appears to deliver more annual sun seekers to top US destinations than any other country. Each year, thousands venture south in search of warmer weather and often stay for many months. The economic roller coaster Canada has been on for the last few years has driven masses to hop between the nation&#x27s provinces in search of jobs, better pay, superior lifestyles and more affordable housing. On top of this are the millennials, who are passionate about travel, aren&#x27t ready to settle down and are empowered to stay mobile due to new technology. Even generation X is embracing this new digital nomad lifestyle. So how are commercial real estate investments helping? Brick and mortar investments provide essential balance, as they can deliver the perfect contrast for retirees that are holding portfolios heavily weighted in the stock market or younger generations that are taking a gamble on tech investments, new careers and startup life. Real estate offers concrete security and diversification for when other ventures fall flat and underperform, as it can provide both passive income and passive wealth appreciation. Monthly or quarterly cash flow payouts can provide steady income to live, while growing equity can help build a nest egg for retirement or to pass on as an inheritance. Commercial property investments are normally designed to be far easier to manage than other types of real estate too. With professional property management in place, Canadians can travel with confidence and never have to worry about checking on tenants or knocking on doors to collect rent. Aside from the direct monetary benefits of investing in commercial property in Canada, individuals can find these types of investments help them stay anchored and supporting their home country, even if they rarely step foot back here.

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