Navigating the commercial real estate market in Canada can be tricky, especially in areas where expansion and growth have been booming, like Edmonton. It is best to have commercial property investment advisors on your team to find new opportunities with potential. ReDev Properties, we manage commercial properties all across Canada. Keep reading to learn more about how we identify new opportunities, what criteria is used in investing, and more.

How to Identify Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

One of the most efficient ways to find new real estate opportunities is through networking and relationships that have been built over the years. Smaller companies, like us here at ReDev Properties, are typically able to move faster than others, as there are less people involved in the decision making process. This allows us to look at an offer and pick it up before the property can even go on the market. Other ways we find new commercial real estate opportunities is through subscribing to newsletters, regularly checking the news, attending conferences, and networking to make more contacts who can give us the insider scope.  

What Criteria is Used for Commercial Real Estate Investment?

One of the most essential criteria for a project is if it has room for expansion and growth. An easy way to increase the value of a property is by adding another retail section on the site, building extensions, and adding parking lots. Location is another key factor. Areas to consider include suburban, local, as well as up-and-coming neighbourhoods located around major cities, as there is a lot of opportunity for growth in these locations. These locations are great for services such as restaurants, medical and lifestyle, and other services that can&#x27t be purchased online.

How to Segment the Commercial Real Estate Market

While this will vary from company to company, the way in which ReDev Properties segments the market is by Eastern and Western Canada. So for example, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia would be categorized into the Western provinces. Currently, there is a lot of room for development in in Western Canada, as the cities there are still growing and improving. In comparison with Eastern Canada, particularly Ontario, Western provinces also have relatively lower cap rates.

Common Driver for a Client to Reach Out to ReDev

At ReDev Properties, we work with partners that are expats or living in other countries (Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Singapore). For these partners, ReDev is a great medium for those who are unfamiliar with investing in the Canadian market. We help guide them through the entire process. We also works with third party agencies to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire process, such as property managers, accountants, and lawyers.  

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