Round two of the United States&#x27 foreclosure crisis seems to be kicking in- raising the appeal of more promising investment havens like Edmonton, Alberta.  Experts at all levels are warning of a new U.S. housing bubble reaching bursting point on overinflated values and surging foreclosures. This ought to have investors heading for safer ground. In doesn&#x27t take a math wiz to figure out that a dual market with buyers over paying for properties by as much as 25% in some areas while competing in bidding wars with hundreds of competitors is no good. Especially when you consider that foreclosures are rising and devaluing the properties next door.  Recently the head of Colony, giant private equity firm, warned of the bubble even after scooping up billions of homes over the last couple of years. Now local real estate agents around the U.S. are echoing the same alert, even if the media isn&#x27t reporting some of the scarier figures. The government wants and desperately needs the public to think the foreclosure crisis is officially over, but the real raw data shows a completely different picture. While tempered by national statistics foreclosures continue to surge in a big way. Florida, New York and other states have seen huge spikes in foreclosure activity recently and Maryland just posted a 193% jump up in foreclosure filing activity.  Much of the worst numbers are being hidden as shadow inventory balloons in Florida this stack up as an over 200% increase in shadow inventory units off market in some counties, just in the first quarter of 2013. Downtown Edmonton Property prices have been rising in parts of the U.S. but the fundamentals aren&#x27t there, leading to the anticipation of declines ahead. Almost 40% of the population is unemployed and growing, the economy is growing less than half a percent per year and if real estate falls out of the equation it will easily be in negative territory again. Then if the situation with North Korea isn&#x27t worked out amicably quickly, expect the United States&#x27 economy to topple on that alone. Now compare that to what investors experiencing in Alberta, Canada €¦ The fundamentals are there in Alberta. There is a strong job market, almost ridiculously low unemployment, blossoming population, a strong energy backbone and diversifying into sustainable energy, growing property values, reduced occupancy levels and to put the icing on the cakes – globe topping commercial real estate investment yields. Between flight capital from Asia, Europe and the U.S. and global investment taking off considerable in 2013 Alberta stands to see a windfall in capital coming in which will only boost investment returns further.

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