Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit is paying off. It may just be entering its glory days on the map for investment and commerce. This activity could lead to even better days for Canada’s commercial real estate market too.


Canadian entrepreneur and investor Michael Litt recently told the DealMakers podcast that he believes “Canada’s time is now.” A fact that many London and Silicon Valley based experts appear to be agreeing with as well. It is really finally reveling in bringing together the talent, mojo, and money needed to scale a strong innovative startup ecosystem. Even if much of that money is still coming from abroad.


Michael Litt credits the government for their big bet on digital industries and technology and AI research. He also points to the University of Waterloo, and the fact it doesn’t take intellectual property rights on its undergrads’ innovations and a very strong drive of new activity. Then there is the new fund started by former CFOs of Blackberry and Google who are investing in Canadian startups. Litt, who has sold companies of his own, raised over $70M for one of his startups, and has now invested in 65 plus other startups himself is proving to be a pivotal part of this new era.


Canada may not be the biggest market in the world itself. Yet, it is right on the doorstep of the US, and Canadian businesses perhaps have an even easier time of scaling in Europe than American ones. They are attracting international capital, and are quickly growing to serve multiple continents and bring the cash home. Just look at Shopify, which now supports over 600,000 international businesses, has grown to 3,000 employees, and had annual revenues in excess of $580M last year.


We’re also seeing a revival in brick and mortar business real estate demand in Canada. These companies need offices and distribution centers, even if they are mainly ecommerce or software businesses. Though more and more are seeing the wisdom in using and expanding local retail locations as well. Even in the tremendously fast growing cannabis sector, industry leader Canopy is prioritizing physical stores over online so it can connect with customers according to the Financial Post.


This is all undoubtedly going to lead to more demand for commercial real estate. Because you’ve also got to serve visiting investors and returning entrepreneurs. They need places to stay, shop, and work.


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