Image Source: Jorrian Gelink Large equity funds are shedding thousands of acquisitions they&#x27ve made in the housing market several years ago. The world&#x27s largest funds, led by Norway&#x27s $900 billion sovereign fund have apparently lost their appetite for US housing and foreclosures, and are instead in reinvesting billions of dollars in new markets and sectors, such as commercial real estate. Analysts and thought leaders have recently highlighted the trend of many investors turning away from the US market.   And according to public comments by executives in the media, influential money managers are eager to trade it in for the safety, predictability and familiarity of commercial property and commercial mortgage. Some are looking to invest in Europe and even the Indian market. However, most are placing their bets on the steady and reliable market of Canada. With these forecasts, expect the Canadian markets to experience an even more substantial lift. Where will you be investing in next?

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