Image Source: Bill Burris The numbers show that Canadians continue to be bullish on buying property despite recent news of a slowdown. In fact, the statistics show incoming commercial investment capital and demand for Canadian homes is growing. Bidding wars and growth seem to be inevitable throughout 2015, so the only real uncertainty is determining the best real estate investment destinations in Canada over the coming months. Toronto Canada is home to many notable real estate markets and thriving cities. While each has its own set of advantages, there are several major Canadian cities that remain popular with both domestic and international real estate investors. Toronto has appeared to have side stepped what was anticipated to be a big crash, with competition for housing escalating to even fiercer levels. The Most Important Factor While real estate investing is said to be all about “location, location, location,” the truth is that the most important factor in making a great investment is evaluating the individual investment opportunity on its own merit. There may be benefits of investing in old stronghold urban cores or new hip, upcoming neighborhoods. Yet, location alone, even when accompanied by all the data and media buzz has little value if the individual opportunity isn&#x27t solid. Equally important is making investments that match your financial and lifestyle goals, while adhering to your investment horizon. Fantastic opportunities and even potentially highly profitable ones sometimes should be passed on if they don&#x27t fit your personal plans, just as it may make sense to choose modest returns in exchange for safety and consistency of passive income.

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