The Scotiabank Pro-Am Hockey Tournament always sees a big turnout, especially when ReDev Properties' president Richard Crenian takes to the ice. This event is hosted every year to help raise fund for Alzheimer's in support of Baycrest. The Participants Teams were drafted and included 27 NHL Alumni players this year, including Lanny McDonald, Paul Coffey and Wendel Clark. The event help raise over $1.5 million to help support Baycrest Health Sciences, with Richard coming in as the runner up with more than $59K raised. Richard, along with his Coop Architects team, raised the third-most funds collectively with over $113K in contributions raised. Not only did Crenian participate in the hockey tournament again, but has amplified his dedication to supporting Baycrest's work with a Match My Gift Campaign, which has run since 2015. This campaign allows every donor to give generously and see their donation doubled through Crenian's support. Standings Overall, the top individual fundraisers for the event included:

  1. Larry Berman – $70,221
  2. Richard Crenian – $59,056
  3. Joey Arfin – $39,357
  4. Hunter Crenian – $28,666
  5. David Schlesinger – $27,521

Along with the top individuals, the teams participating raised funds. The top teams included:

  1. Scotiabank Canadians – $216,872
  2. Genumark – $120,047
  3. The Coop Architects – $113,465
  4. Jadacao/Slavens – $94,549
  5. Shower Door of Canada – $77,062

Event Information This two-day tournament is one of the main fundraisers for Baycrest, and the largest hockey charity event in all of North America. It's a huge two-day tournament with many former professional hockey players getting involved, along with local companies in support. All teams get to play at least three games, and the top two fundraising teams play in the championship game. The event starts with a draft party, which includes the NHL alumnus picking their teams. The tournament starts and runs through about nine hours of play on the first day. An All-Star game is a part of the first day as well. The second day runs shorter, with a Championship Game finishing the event. A family fun skate is hosted on the second day to get the families of the participants involved. Overall, the event is a great chance for hockey and plenty of charity. The Match My Gift Campaign created by Richard Crenian helps to match up to $100K in donations every year. Gifts provide double the impact and help to ensure Baycrest's ongoing success in its fight against Alzheimers. Since 2005, the Scotiabank Baycrest Pro-Am has raised more than $30M to support the global leader in brain health and aging, which directly helps nearly 750,000 Canadians living with dementia.

Richard Crenian Richard Crenian is president of ReDev Properties, which also directly donated $21,000. ReDev Properties in a commercial real estate investment and asset management firm, specializing in local shopping plaza investments, and has recently frequently been seen in the news for notable property sales, including the government office building in Edmonton. He is passionate about Canadian real estate and hockey, as well as how they can be used to support great and important causes.

Summary The annual hockey event is as exciting as it is impactful for hundreds of thousands of Canadian families. There are many way to participate. Though consider doubling your impact through the matching gift campaign. Registration for the Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer's 2018 event is now open, with early bird deals for the first to sign up.

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