Are Canadians missing out on the best benefits their investments can provide by not sticking as close to home as they could? With the U.S real estate market still on uncertain ground and rumors of a potential market crash in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, many Canadians have decided to start shifting their investment portfolio closer to home. In fact, this transition to invest on home soil might not be such a bad idea. Even legendary investor Warren Buffett, who recently became a big fan of real estate investing and investing in Canada, says he is always careful to stick within his €˜circle of competence&#x27. This means investing in what you know best. For Canadians, investing close to home accomplishes this advice perfectly. Just by peering out the window, going for a coffee walk or doing routine grocery shopping, Canadians get first-hand experience and information on current happenings of the country. Also this makes it easier to keep a regular eye on investments.

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