Image Source: Jerry Meaden The Globe and Mail recently posted that instead of getting mad at big corporations individuals should try Uber-type alternatives. The argument is that in addition to poor performance by banks, oil companies and stocks, consumers and investors just aren&#x27t being served well. Returns are down, service is down and people aren&#x27t getting what they believe they are entitled to receive. This report pointed to disruptors in a variety of industries, which have gained a lot of momentum over the past few years, including Airbnb, Netflix, IntelliMortgage and Mogo. So what is driving consumers and individual investors to seek new solutions? First off, people deserve choices that are better tailored to their needs. This now applies to everything retail and all types of products and services. Then there an issue of fees, as banks and other large financial services are being criticized for high costs that can often eat up a lot of the returns. This doesn&#x27t even begin to address that lack of integrity and transparency in the markets today. If you&#x27ve got an advisor managing your accounts, you could be invested in a dozen funds and more than 100 underlying stocks and bonds. Professional advice and guidance is always important, however when it comes to investing, individuals are increasingly looking for tangible assets that are consistent in a variety of market cycles. Apps and new things always have their appeal, but some might be surprised to find that there are already €˜investment sharing&#x27 and €˜democratized&#x27 Canadian real estate investment options. Look at real estate partnerships and group investment opportunities. These boutique real estate investment opportunities offer the chance to invest together with other investors and enjoy the perks of direct investment and expert help. Summary Individuals are certainly right to look for better solutions. Often it takes trying new things to find the right match. Thankfully Canadian investors don&#x27t have to speculate wildly, nor stay stuck in antiquated investments. By leveraging proven, legal, real estate investment partnerships alongside other sophisticated investors, Canadians can enjoy good returns and be confident in their investments.

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