Commercial Real Estate

Home Offices Investing in Commercial Real Estate | Secrets to Steady Cash Flow

Real estate analysts, wealth managers, family offices, and private investors increasingly see underperforming retail offices as viable investment options with significant potential to transform into cash flow streams and maximize returns through creative use of space. This trend reflects changing needs within cities as well as changing dynamics within commercial real estate markets. Repurposing low-value […]
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The Intersection of Commercial Real Estate and Wealth Accumulation

The world of commercial real estate presents both challenges and rewards simultaneously. Historically, real estate investment was a primary avenue to wealth accumulation. However, in today’s commercial real estate landscape, success demands innovative thinking, keen market analysis, risk assessment, astute financial negotiations, and staying several steps ahead of market trends. For decades, commercial real estate […]
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True Cost for Landlords

Richard Crenian on Net Leases: The True Cost for Landlords

The term “net lease” (and terms like “double net” or “triple net”), in commercial real estate, gets tossed around a lot. For those unfamiliar, it essentially means a tenant agrees to pay  for some or all of the operating expenses of a property, in addition to their base rent. This might include property taxes, building […]
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sustainable commercial real state

Navigating the Green Shift | Commercial Real Estate’s Role in a Sustainable Future

In Commercial Real Estate (CRE), sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly properties are not simply trending – they represent an essential step toward future-proofing the industry. Moving away from conventional notions of larger and better properties towards properties with sustainable features marks an incredible shift within CRE ethos. It underscores our urgent need to combat climate change, […]
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