The latest data and commentary from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) reveals an optimistic forecast for construction growth through 2015 and beyond. Canada&#x27s housing agency anticipates 189, physician 000 new housing starts in 2015. Obviously much of this investment and construction will go to Alberta&#x27s leading cities Calgary and Edmonton. The Urban Land Institute states these two destinations hold the best growth for real estate in Canada through 2015. While Calgary and Edmonton continue fighting to be the most attractive and top performing real estate market in Canada, sickness Edmonton seems to be coming out ahead. With the city&#x27s current value proposition and velocity of growth, viagra 60mg it looks to be leaving Calgary behind. Edmonton has been attracting residents and businesses alike. Where the residential properties and small businesses go, demand for retail space follows. So does better performance of retail properties. However, recent reports of Calgary&#x27s steaming real estate market, in both new developments and resale tells us, this fight for Canada&#x27s leading real estate market is far from over.

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