It will be a while before all businesses can return to operating at full capacity in Saskatchewan. However, many of the imposed coronavirus measures are set to be loosened over the coming weeks in an attempt to restore the economy, which means some businesses should get ready to reopen. 

This comes as a great relief to many Canadian retailers, restaurant owners, and CRE investors, as things are looking up. 

Since the reopening of Saskatchewan will occur in phases, and many preventative guidelines will still need to be followed, businesses will have to come up with strategies that will help them recover expenses and turn profits. 

Retailers First to Open 

Many clothing retailers have adapted to the coronavirus lockdown by offering online orders and deliveries and curbside pick-ups. This trend is expected to continue even after May 19 when they’re scheduled to open their doors once again.

This is primarily because clothing retailers will have to change the way they operate when they reopen. 

Those retailers that stayed open over the last month and a half have had to follow many safety measures. They needed to use plexiglass dividers, increase sanitation, control the foot traffic, and more. The same will be expected from clothing retailers once they reopen. 

An added measure is that customers will not be allowed to touch any product unless they want to buy it. This will prevent customers from trying on clothing and backing out of a purchase. Even though this could be seen as an obstacle, most Saskatchewan clothing retailers are determined to get back to work. 

Bars and Restaurants to Follow Soon After 

Although the exact date hasn’t been determined as of yet, in the weeks after clothing retailers have reopened, restaurants and bars will be allowed to do the same. 

The hospitality industry was among those that have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus. So it’s not surprising that bar and restaurant owners are excited to follow any imposed measure as long as they are given a chance to reopen. 

And many measures will need to be followed. 

Bars and restaurants will not be allowed to operate at full capacity because social distancing will still need to be respected. At most, they’ll be allowed to operate at 50% capacity depending on the size of their available space. 


Business owners are excited to get back in the game and open their doors once again, regardless of which measures will need to be followed. While clothing retailers, bars, and restaurants are the first ones scheduled to reopen, other businesses will soon follow suit, which is excellent news for Canadian commercial CRE investors looking to strengthen their portfolio.

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