On Wednesday June 18, 2014, Amazon&#x27s CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a new 3-D smartphone. Given the incredible success of the Kindle, the market share of other industry players could be feeling the after-effects. Building on the wildly popular Kindle and Amazon.com, the company announced its first smartphone, Fire Phone, at a Seattle, WA event. Specifications of the new gadget includes a 4.7 inch screen, 13 megapixel camera, 3D maps, one hand navigation control, Mayday customer support, cloud storage and 2 GB of memory. The Fire Phone also sports what is being called €˜Dynamic Perspective&#x27, for a 3-D experience, and is being heralded as the new eyes and ears of consumers. On the same day as the Fire Phone launch, a deal between Blackberry and Amazon was announced allowing Blackberry access to Amazon&#x27s app store; which means access to 200 thousand plus Android apps for Blackberry users. If anything could save Blackberry, this Amazon deal might be it.   Want to learn more about Richard Crenian? http://richardcrenian.wordpress.com http://richardcrenian.ca

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