According to recent trends, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting, active and a pivotal year for Canadians financially. Whether you are new to investing or an experienced investor with a well-performing portfolio, here are five investing moves to consider for 2015. 1. Invest in Real Estate As stocks, technology, and even REITs continue to tip-toe on a high wire, continuing to invest in bricks and mortar, specifically via direct investments can help balance your portfolio, bringing tangible and steady confidence. 2. Diversify Building on diversification remains critical. Get diversified and where possible, ensure each sector and asset you are invested in has further built in diversity through multiple properties, units or tenants. 3. Invest in Retail Retail, in particular physical retail is making a big come back. Currently, retail remains significantly undervalued and is more versatile than industrial, manufacturing, office and residential homes. 4. Invest for Income No matter which stage you are in, investing for income is important. For most investors it may prove far more important and essential than net worth over the long run. 5. Invest in Alberta Of all Canadian destinations right now, Alberta stands out as a top choice for value, growth and potential.

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