The real estate market is constantly changing – which means that if you own or co-own a key piece of real estate, chances are, there&#x27s lots of growth potential for you to recoup this 2018 as the market grows and evolves. This year, commercial real estate asset management companies acquiring and managing investment properties in Canada&#x27s up-and-coming cities, such as Swift Current and Moose Jaw are looking at the potential of retail spaces, office spaces, and semi-industrial properties as strategic investment opportunities. Looking to invest in Canada&#x27s booming real estate market this 2018? Here are the top types of commercial properties you can co-own and share in the gains of, particularly in Saskatchewan&#x27s growing market, with the help of a commercial real estate asset management company. Malls: Going Beyond Traditional Retail It&#x27s no secret that Canada&#x27s retail sector is rapidly shifting to online shopping. As a result, property owners are challenged to be creative and flexible in developing retail spaces in Saskatchewan to foster continued growth and avoid decline due to the growth of their online counterpart. That&#x27s why commercial real estate asset management companies are getting in front of shopping trends. By transforming retail centres from traditional shopping destinations into modern community hubs Swift Current and Moose Jaw locals can enjoy, property owners can ensure continuous increase in foot traffic that contributes to stable investment growth. As modern community hubs, retail centres that are projected to thrive in 2018 incorporate various services and amenities that today&#x27s mall-goers need. This is in response to millennial shoppers who no longer see the value in driving to the mall just to shop. Instead, to make mall-goers out of millennials, the new breed of brick-and-mortar retail centres should offer a complete work-play-life balance – open spaces, work opportunities in businesses setting up shop in the area, and living spaces in nearby residential units; essentially transforming retail centres into mixed-use locations. Modern Workspaces are In Demand Offices are also big in this year&#x27s commercial real estate market. With Canada&#x27s economy showing no sign of slowing down, vacancy rates among offices are down, demonstrating that businesses looking for workspaces among commercial properties are very much on the upswing. If you invest with a commercial real estate asset management company in Saskatchewan that manages properties prime for office space leasing, you can expect your investment to earn well this year. Thanks to the startup culture that continues to thrive and business branching out from traditionally large corporations, the demand for office space is vastly increasing, already well on the verge of exceeding available supply. Distribution Centres: A Hidden Benefit of the Online Retail Boom Despite the perceived decline of brick-and-mortar retail, the growth of e-commerce and online shopping can also help realize commercial real estate gains. The shift from traditional, in-store retail has given way to the rise of newer types of commercial property investments, such as distribution centres and warehouses developed to support the needs of a new wave of retail. Commercial or semi-industrial properties in Swift Current and Moose Jaw fitted with large bays, high ceilings, upgraded wiring and plenty of room for trucks are able to command higher leases, and in turn, higher returns for investors. By managing properties converted into and leased to distribution centres and warehouses, commercial property asset management companies can help investors in Saskatchewan recoup their investment and earn more this 2018.

Get ahead of the real estate boom taking over Saskatchewan. Work with a commercial real estate asset management company to invest in up-and-coming commercial property hotspots like Swift Current and Moose Jaw, and start realizing promising gains.

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