There are a few big name celebrities still driving the demand for retail space. They are bullish on brick and mortar shops and continue to invest in it to multiply their capital. This fact is another reminder of why investors should consider commercial retail.

Below is a list of five celebrities that actively invest in commercial real estate.

Warren Buffett
Buffett is often thought of as a stock investor. Yet, his investments are all about solid business. Many of which are either directly involved in real estate, are brick and mortar retailers or serve some of the biggest physical retailers like Walmart. Warren also personally invested in Sears’ commercial real estate portfolio.

Snoop Dogg
Music artist and actor Snoop Dogg has been on the front of the new legal pot scene with his own brand. Legal weed is expected to be one of the biggest industries supporting the commercial real estate space in the years to come. New combined liquor and cannabis stores in Canada could explode by the hundreds over the next year alone.

Mark Wahlberg
Following the success of his restaurant chain movie star Mark Wahlberg has launched himself into the car dealership business. If his Wahlburgers chain is anything to go by, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t drive this new venture into many new locations.  

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. just received a fresh $200M investment from a private equity firm to help the brand grow globally. Honest Co. products are sold through a variety of brick and mortar retailers.

Robert De Niro
Actor Robert De Niro is going heavy into Canadian commercial real estate himself with mixed-use projects incorporating condos, hotel suites and his Nobu restaurant chain.

Jeff Bezos
Amazon is one of the biggest real estate players on the planet. If investors just haven’t gotten the message after the Whole Foods purchase and new Amazon stores, Jeff Bezos’ company just leased 76,000 square feet of commercial real estate from WeWork in Canada for instant access to the market.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to invest in commercial real estate. Yet, the fact that so many are shows that with all the advisors their money can buy, it is still one of the best investments available. Not only are these wealthy individuals banking their financial futures on real property more than their celebrity careers, they are major influencers who will make sure that consumers are still flocking to real stores to get a taste of their product and to associate themselves with these brands. For those looking for a new investment today, this asset class is definitely worth investigating.

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