Image Source: photosteve101 While the economy and markets are certainly on much betting footing than they were a decade ago, the media is still doing a good job of stressing out those that cling to every ticker flash and headline. What timeless, proven principles have empowered the investment legends of the last century to continue to win, even in the most uncertain times? What moves and guiding rules can help today&#x27s Canadian investors to invest with confidence and yield positive results? Clear Goals Of Vanguard&#x27s “four timeless principles” for investing in an uncertain world, Chief Investment Officer Tim Buckley names creating clear goals as the first timeless principle. What is your investment compass and GPS set for? Is it set for capital appreciation, passive income, or both? How much will you need by when? Which vehicles can carry you there on time? Swim Against the Flow Being a contrarian can be very profitable strategy, as you&#x27ll often find great investment opportunities. This is especially true when others are fearful of investing or are trying to scare you off from investing. Make Your Money When You Buy It&#x27s hard to lose when you acquire a profitable property from the start. This can mean purchasing an asset at a discount or purchasing consistent streams of income. This may also be applied if you have a bulletproof way to add value to an asset for a high rate of return. So don&#x27t gamble, invest. Profit from Volatility Volatility is one of the for sure things in life and investing. In the case of the stock market the swings can be fast and very dramatic. In real estate they can be slower, and more predictable. You can&#x27t avoid volatility all together and most warn against trying to €˜time the market&#x27. Yet, individuals can profit from this volatility by staying objective and sticking to the other items on this list while others are freaking out and are making terrible, rash investment choices. Diversify Deep and broad diversification will keep your returns consistent and portfolio secure. Diversify between asset classes, and as deep and broad as you can in each one. In stocks you can buy mutual funds, and even funds of funds. In real estate you can diversify into residential, commercial, and office properties, all in different locations and markets. Diversify deeper with multi-tenant properties, and, deeper with shopping plazas with tenants in different industries. Dollar Cost Averaging This is one of the core principles that Warren Buffett picked up from his mentor, €˜The Intelligent Investor&#x27, Benjamin Graham. This essentially means committing to keep on investing consistently regardless of what the market is doing. For example; investing a set percentage or dollar amount each month, quarter, or year, without worrying about the market being up or down. Eventually the results will pay off. Summary This list of sound investment principles has guided the most successful and respected investment legends of our history. They have helped them navigate the best times and the very scariest. They provide and anchor for all Canadian investors to help them get to their financial goals. Pin them on your wall, or make them your computer wallpaper.

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