Commercial real estate investing can be a great move year round. However, there are extra perks and motivation to invest near the end of the year. 1. Last Chance to Reduce Tax Bills Commercial property investment can help offset increased income and capital gains. These investments can also help reduce overall tax liabilities. 2. Seasonal Opportunities on Sale Along with other consumer goods, holiday season can also bring discounts on investments. Property sellers can get nervous with the lack of buyer activity during this slow period, giving real estate investors additional negotiating power and helping them build in more value and high returns. 3. €˜Peace & Good Tidings&#x27 A sound commercial property investment can really deliver peace of mind. Investors can be confident their investments are generating steady wealth for them. There may not be much time left to acquire the commercial property investment you have had your eye on, but this is the time to act on it. After the New Year, analysts are predicting there will be a surge of capital entering the Canadian marketplace.

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