Fresh new data reveals solid indicators of Canada&#x27s economic edge on the world map, signaling the time to invest. Having the entrepreneurial edge is far more important than most realize, and tightly linked to future investment returns. Google, Facebook and other tech giants know it, and it&#x27s what keeps them up at night, and splurging billions on acquisitions just to be safe. They know all it takes is one young entrepreneur with the right idea to turn everything on its head and launch a competitor that can crush them in a flash. Photo Credits: msankar4 Fortunately there are plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs in Canada. Perhaps most significantly the nation boasts a strong army of entrepreneurial minded students. According to a new Bank of Montreal survey a whopping 46% (49% in Alberta) of post-secondary Canadian students said they plan to start their own business after graduating. The nation&#x27s hot startup scene is now attracting global interest, and local government supporting it offers the backing and incentives many need. One of the most active areas drawing international attention is Alberta. Aside from the tech sector analysts and sophisticated investors recognize that small business is critical for adding jobs and economic growth too. According to Statistics Canada almost half of Canadians work for a small business with fewer than 100 employees. The recent startup rush is already paying off for Canada. In fact the latest Canadian job figures released in September 2013 show employment smashing forecasts by three times the number anticipated. What really stands out here is that there are few countries if any that continue to offer this type of opportunity for new businesses today. This will help Canada as a whole, and in particular Alberta to continue to attract bright minds, great talent, and new startups; fueling more jobs and economic growth. This all places Alberta as the epicenter of a new surge in tech development, and economic activity. More residents and visitors, flusher with cash than ever will help to drive up everything from rental and home prices to hotel stays and rates to sales at local retailers. The latter should experience the most significant spike in activity. This will only further fuel the ferocious battle over retail space in the city; push up rents, and increase yields and capital growth for investors.

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