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Since its formation, ReDev Properties has purchased and managed a large number of commercial real estate properties across Canada. At ReDev Properties, we are dedicated to providing partners and institutional investors both access and expertise to succeed in the Canadian commercial real estate market.

why redev?

Advantages of Commercial Properties with ReDev Properties:

Canada has considerably less retail space when compared to U.S., hence the increased demand and double per sq.ft. income for retailers in Canada.

As the real estate market and economy in Canada continues to expand, we’ve seen extraordinary opportunities in commercial real estate investment in the past few years. We anticipate investments to result in excellent overall risk-adjusted returns through a combination of high current income and value creation.

At ReDev Properties, we’re known for our well-timed investment strategies, ability to maintain strong relationships with clients, and exceptional industry reputation. Due to these reasons, we have secured an advantageous position in target markets that present an exclusive lineup of profitable investment opportunities.

Steady cash flow from stable tenants

Long leases (5 – 20 years)

Strict commercial law

Triple net leases (the tenants pay costs)

Tenants keep properties well-maintained

Growing demand & limited supply

diversify your portfolio

Every day we meet the challenge of finding the right investments to add value to our partners’ needs. Find out how ReDev Properties can help diversify your portfolio and maximize your profit today.





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