Given all the warnings about the stock market, global unrest, fears about the security of the technology sector, many are turning towards alternative investment opportunities such as real estate. In fact, real estate, especially in Edmonton is showing great promise of increasing in value and delivering above-average returns. Edmonton is only starting to reinvent itself as one of the most buzz worthy cities on the map. This means growth, as the demand for these properties increases and yields continue to grow. For the bullish Canadian investor, the availability of leverage great opportunities to scale while the sector is still ripe. Whether it is mortgage leverage or partnerships, this means being able to catapult growth at the perfect moment where value turns into gains. It&#x27s true that commercial real estate is a big sector, but there are obvious niches which stand out for both novice and professionals such as retail. So whether you are extremely optimistic about the global economy, or just learning about it, it&#x27s worth taking a look at commercial real estate investment opportunities in Alberta.

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