Here at the ReDev Properties offices, things are always moving at a fast pace. With offices in Calgary, Toronto and Hong Kong, it&#x27s easy to get lost in all the chaos of emails, conversations and especially time zone differences. To help us stay focus, efficient and at-the-ready, employees at ReDev Properties embrace these company strategies. They help keep us moving forward and remind us to mind our manners even in the most stressful situations. But most importantly, it leads us to success as a team. Strive for Accuracy 1. It €˜s extremely important for us to provide responsible and accurate information. We always encourage taking notes and backing up our information. File hosting services, such as Dropbox make it easy for us to save, share and transport information quickly and easily. 2. Sometimes we can all get a little lost in our work piles, but staying focusing and working towards a goal and purpose can help you stay on track. Avoid working for the sake of working on something. It&#x27s a waste of valuable time and energy. 3. Use all the organizing tools available. To do lists, calendars, reminders €“ there are so many tools and apps at our fingertips to help us organize, itemize and prioritize. 4. Mistakes. It happens to the best of us and it&#x27s ok. What differentiate mistakes are the after-approaches. Be responsible for your mistakes and rectify them as quick as possible. Don&#x27t shy away from the responsibility, try to hide it or worst, blame someone else. Someone will always find out! Instead understand what and why it happened, the consequences involved and learn from it. At ReDev Properties, we&#x27re a team and we&#x27ll always help each other out. Stay tuned for more tips to come!  

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