Photo credit: Pixabay Should more millennials put commercial real estate in their investment portfolios? Millennials are at a pivotal moment for getting their finances right. Employment and wages may be great now, but setting yourself up for long term financial success isn&#x27t without its challenges. While often overlooked by the youngest workers and investors, making commercial real estate investments now could be the diversity your investment portfolio needs. The Current Financial Landscape Whether working on building the next Amazon, working up the corporate ladder, freelancing on the road, or landing that medical residency making great investments for the future isn&#x27t that easy today. Bitcoin&#x27s disastrous dive put a big hole in many cryptocurrency investors&#x27 nest eggs. It is incredibly hard to find value in the stock market today, and most get that they can&#x27t really rely on company pension plans and traditional retirement investment accounts. A new HomEquity Bank and Ipsos Canada survey suggests that Canadian millennials shouldn&#x27t be counting on getting anything from their parents nor grandparents. The study found that a massive 86% of respondents said they were not willing to give up any purchases or goals to leave more of an inheritance for the next generation. Of those 86%, about 71% of them are over the age of 62 and they said they weren&#x27t very concerned about leaving an inheritance at all. In fact, seniors appear to be milking every cent in equity they can out of their homes in order to finance their dream lifestyles. It&#x27s Only Getting Harder for Millennial Homebuyers Millennials still appreciate and see the value in real estate investments. In fact, they are very bullish on it. Yet, that doesn&#x27t mean buying a home is going to be easy. Home prices in Canada are extremely high. Making it extremely tough to pull off buying a home in uncertain times, with a government set on keeping them out of the market. Canadian Realtors say that the latest round of mortgage rules is going to slash the number of qualified buyers even further, or at least seriously deplete their buying power. The Financial Post reports that those with a household income of $80,000 could see their buying power cut by $100,000 by October. Those earning $120,000 a year could see their purchase power drop from $803,000 to just $651,000. Still, many millennials are doing well. They have launched successful businesses or have grown into well paying professional careers. As such, the question remains. How do millenials keep their gains, generate acceptable returns on their savings and investments, and create reliable income streams so that retirement is an option later? Enter Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate can help millenials reach their milestones if they chose their investment and their team wisely, then their retirement account can reap from the passive income. It has the potential to dwarf other financial gains through both organic and forced equity appreciation, it has potential tax benefits, and it can be used to balance out their portfolio. With private funds and partnerships structures millennials don&#x27t have to go it alone or have a huge amount of available capital to get started either. Summary The economy is great right now. Yet, how great of a lifestyle millennials will continue to enjoy is going to depend a lot on how they invest their money now. They can&#x27t rely on the stock market, bitcoin or their parents to cover them. However, commercial real estate may offer the surplus income, wealth gains and reliability they need. Many may find it is also much easier to get started than they think once they see the opportunity.

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