Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

We are committed to investing the capital entrusted to us in high-quality assets that earn a solid cash return on equity while emphasizing downside protection.

ReDev’s philosophy is supported by its disciplined due diligence process, with a focus on preserving capital and unlocking value in real estate properties. We pride ourselves on diving deeply into projects to identify value that others may overlook.


We are focused on obtaining superior risk-adjusted returns through acquisitions and developments, with a focus on retail and mixed-use properties.


Stabilized income-producing properties and close proximity to major markets giving you the advantage to generate strong risk-adjusted returns confidently.


A combination of stabilized, income-producing, along with PAD developments, repositioning, renovating, and repurposing to boost value and returns.


Build and own new generation mixed-used commercial real estate in key locations and provide opportunity for diversification and offers higher returns.


Focus on properties with value-add potential, valuation below market value and located in growing neighborhoods with improving business climate.

Develop and investment thesis to identify source of value in transactions, analyze risk profile, geographic trends and overall economic trend.

Perform comprehensive valuation, lease reviews, tenant interviews and thorough analysis of third-party reports.


Our exceptional long standing relationships with strategic partners allows us to negotiate favourable financing terms on acquisitions and mitigate investment risk through non-recourse financing.

Seek to increase cash flow and increase asset value optimizing yield return and increasing equity value over time by building additional PAD sites, repurposing, renovation, and repositioning of the property. Also, Tenant proof our properties against e-commerce.

Stabilize NOI by leasing up vacant space and increasing rental rates to be in par with market rates while reducing tenant rollover through early renewals.


Our goal is to maximize returns and to communicate with investors to ensure goals and objectives are aligned to guide an exit strategy plan. A tax efficient strategy is crucial in achieving our goal, hence, we have formulated a two stage exit process.

First, we refinance the property at a higher valuation than purchase price with excess fund distributed back to investors in a tax efficient way. This allows investors to realize a substantial cash distribution from equity built up over the years while still maintaining their ownership claim to the income and cash flows from the property.

Finally, after we have completed all value-add initiatives, the property is then sold for a significant profit.

Propel Your Real Estate Growth

We take a hands-on approach to investing, developing, and managing the commercial real estate for our global partners.
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