In Dec. 2014, hackers cracked into Sony and leaked confidential information in an attempt to prevent the company from releasing a film on Christmas Day. Among the havoc striking the technology giant, which reported revenues approaching $10 billion CAD in 2014 alone, were private documents, intellectual property leaks and threats against employees. Security analysts interviewed by Fox News said they feared Sony&#x27s bowing to the terror threat only increases the boldness of hackers and the chances they&#x27ll be encourage to continue this type of activity. Fortunately, most individuals don&#x27t need to worry about foreign governments or groups investing millions of dollars in leveling these types of efforts at them. However, the fall out certainly means more awareness and the increase desire for sound financial and secure planning. Privacy & Cyber Security for Investors This can include smarter structures for holding wealth and investing through holding companies and other entities which provide enhanced privacy. With military-grade encryption services available to the public for mobile phone calls, sending text messages and sharing files, it&#x27s a simple option many can afford. Picking the Right Property Those looking to best ensure consistent income, investment gains and wealth protection will be wise to diversify in their investments in both number and industries. Even consider deep diversification, such as multi-tenant commercial properties which can deliver equal or better returns to large properties.

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