When it comes to the commercial real estate market in Canada, right now is the best time to be getting a piece of the action. But just because the market is “booming” doesn&#x27t mean you can&#x27t make mistakes. Like any big investment, buying commercial real estate property takes a lot of careful consideration and knowing the industry. That&#x27s why at ReDev Properties we&#x27ve had such a big success with our properties. Keep reading for our tips on how to thrive in these hot market with the help of commercial real estate asset management companies in North York.

How to Successfully Purchase Commercial Real Estate Property

Get advice from an expert: Commercial real estate properties are a big investment, so you don&#x27t want to invest just based on guesswork. A mentor or working with a property management company can save you from making huge mistakes and connect you with resources that you otherwise wouldn&#x27t have immediate access to. Be a partner instead of an accumulator: The goal of making investments is to produce a profit. So, if you purchase a property that produces no profit, you really just acquired a property instead of making an investment. This is where ReDev Properties can help. We do extensive research to find properties that we know will make a profit and can be expanded upon to increase their value, in order to make a bigger profit later down the road. Planning for repairs and expansions: One thing that is commonly forgotten when purchasing commercial real estate properties is that over time, you&#x27ll have to spend money on the upkeep of the building. This can include a number of things, such as a new roof, the electrical system may need to be updated, or the parking lot may need to be expanded. Make sure you have a long-term plan and the budget to handle such repairs and expansions. Focus on one investment type at a time: When you&#x27re looking to purchase property for the first time, you should focus on one type of property. Each property is going to need your undivided attention. It&#x27s easier to focus and excel with one property versus with several.  If you are partnering with another commercial property management company, they can help you understand what needs to be done. If you&#x27re in a partnership deal, consider a non-recourse loan: A non-recourse loan means that you aren&#x27t personally tied to the loan. This gives you two advantages; first, it allows you to be taken off the loan if the partnership doesn&#x27t work out. Secondly, if the property fails, you won&#x27t be personally tied to it. Talk to ReDev Properties to see if this is an option for you. Learn to recognize a good deal: Commercial real estate pros know how to spot a good deal when they see one. “How?” you might ask. Well for starters, they have an exit strategy; a good deal will be able to make a profit when you eventually go to sell. Another thing is to always be looking for damage that requires repairs. Pros know how to assess risk and ensure that the property meets your financial goals. Make sure you and your assets are adequately protected: When you partner and buy commercial property, there is the risk that a lawsuit will come up at anytime. This means you need to make that you and your assets are protected. Some questions to determine whether you&#x27re protected are:

  • How is your property protected?
  • Are your other investments totally separate from each other so that one lawsuit doesn&#x27t affect the other investments?
  • What do you have at stake if you lose a lawsuit?
  • Is your personal property protected? (i.e. your home)

Never guess when it comes to these questions and always talk to a lawyer to ensure that you&#x27re protected in the event of a lawsuit.

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