Out of the 11 major Canadian property markets, the lowest concentration of foreign buyers was a  mere tenth of one per cent and ranged to a high of 2.4 per cent of properties in Toronto. Clearly there are some pockets of the country and individual neighborhoods where these figures must be higher. Still these numbers are virtually insignificant considering the portion of foreign buyers in other top property markets around the globe. In some US markets, foreign investors have accounted for 40 to 60 per cent of all purchases in recent years. London, UK has seen around 70 per cent of property purchases going to overseas buyers. There is also Hong Kong, Paris and Monaco, which certainly have high levels of international investment. In Dubai, foreigners out number local residents 5 to 1. While none of these destinations may be immune to value fluctuations either, they are certainly considered to have been prosperous. In many cases the most diverse cities have proven to deliver the highest real estate investment returns and have benefited from the strength this diversity has brought. This type of diversification means that despite cycles, not all property owners will need or want to sell at any given time.

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