Does following migration of tech talent enable sophisticated investors to realize higher real estate investment returns? Experts and analysts are increasingly agreeing that following the migration of top tech talent and start-up activity can help predict where some of the best real estate returns are to be found and where the most growth is ahead. So how does this migratory behavior impact real estate markets, and why does it matter so much today? Photo Credits: Bencito the Traveller Speaking on the future of real estate trends this buying signal was covered by a North American tech magazine, and star of a popular reality TV show on investing in real estate. Most recently a new report from one of the world&#x27s most expansive and respected brokerages and analytics firms seconded the indicator as one of the factors to watch for investors in the year ahead. Mature business centers have often attracted investors out of habit and the herd effect. However, accredited and successful investors at the top of the game have repeatedly warned that that metro areas will only continue to grow and rise in value if they have access to talent and remain relevant. Today this means tech talent, and new startups. These small businesses are responsible for an incredible amount of job creation and wealth, and also provide the slower moving dinosaurs with access to young blood, innovation and faster growth. This all helps to draw in more talent and capital like a tractor beam, which then spills out into propping up office properties, the hospitality sector, residential and multifamily real estate, and perhaps most notably retail properties, thanks to increased consumer spending. So look out for where the entrepreneurial spirit is strong and you&#x27ll likely spot attractive real estate opportunities and returns emerging.  

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