Canada&#x27s real estate market, both residential and commercial, is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Right now, Canada is one of the most lucrative countries for those looking to purchase commercial real estate abroad. If you&#x27re looking to obtain commercial real estate in Canada, consider partnering with a commercial real estate asset management company. ReDev Properties owns and operates multiple properties all over Canada, including Saskatchewan, and has done so successfully for many years now. Canada is a profitable country in terms of commercial real estate, so keep reading to learn more. Foreign partners purchased approximately $1.3 billion of commercial real estate in Canada in the first half of the year and show no signs of slowing. Canada currently has a low dollar and a stable real estate sector, making it a safe and attractive market for foreign buyers. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are the primary markets attracting foreign investment, though there is a lot of potential in other cities including Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan. ReDev Properties, in particular, has been spending a lot of time and effort into purchasing and operating commercial real estate in Alberta and Saskatchewan, due to the low sale prices and numerous available properties – taking advantage of the potential of these local markets before the big boom. Clearly, there is a high level of interest and confidence on the part of foreign groups in Canadian commercial real estate properties. One theme that is common to both commercial and residential real estate sectors is the shortage of available properties. Due to Britain&#x27s decision to leave the EU after the Brexit vote back in June 2016, experts predict the impact of that decision on the Canadian economy and specifically on the commercial real estate market as being limited, with a slight decrease in exports to the UK in the future. While Britain is one of Canada&#x27s biggest trading partners, the country only accounts for approximately 3% of total exports. It is estimated however that the Brexit vote will affect interest rate increases, keeping fixed income investments at all-time lows. Canada&#x27s commercial real estate market continues to draw in interest from foreign shareholders. Investment in the Canadian commercial real estate market remains safe with stable interest rates. When looking to purchase commercial real estate in Canada from other countries, it is more advantageous to partner with a commercial real estate property management company situated in Canada. This is because these companies work with experts who know the Canadian market and trends, and know which areas are booming with the most promising properties. This knowledge has lead ReDev Properties to have a very high success rate in buying, maintaining, and selling our properties all over Canada. In terms of retail commercial real estate, experts say there are two noticeable trends, creating both opportunity and challenges. For many businesses, the increase in online sales has sky-rocketed, which is great for businesses who have developed digital strategies accommodate the change in sales; this does mean that many retailers have found fewer sales being made in their bricks and mortar locations. The second trend also involves the changes in shopper behaviour, which is many retailers have had to downsize, resulting in a reduction in net leased space. More retailers have opted to leave their brick and mortar stores, and have opted to move to smaller enclosed mall and plaza locations.

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