Photo Credit: Pixabay There are lots of sales being advertised. Lots of shopping and spending going on. It&#x27s great to give, spoil people you love, and bring a smile to others&#x27 faces. Yet, it is no secret that so much of that money burned fails to live up to the hype for long. Toys break fast, other gifts end up collecting dust in closets or being re-gifted. Where are the really meaningful, valuable, lasting gifts? Could real estate be it? There are many ways to do it. Here are a few of them, and how much difference they can make. Homes, Condos & Getaways in the Sun One way to use this idea is to give properties to those you love to use. Maybe it is a new family home for the holidays. A cottage or condo by the beach in Vancouver, Florida, the Dominican Republic or wherever your favorite vacation destination is. Differences in personal tastes can make these gifts a little tricky, but they&#x27ll make a big impression. Or it could be a retirement home for mom and dad, or gifting a down payment to children, or niece or nephew who could really use a starter home of their own. The impact can be huge. Business Property A residential property can give someone a great start in life. Yet, help with a business property may be something that can just keep on giving, and empower someone to provide for themselves and their family, and reach their full potential. Does anyone on your list have a business that could really use a better chance, or help getting to the next level? Is there a child or sibling, or partner that needs to get that business out of the garage, or into a better retail location? Can you help them buy one, or get them started with the capital for a new lease? Investment Properties Perhaps an even better gift is that of an investment property. It is a gift that can keep ongoing for life. It&#x27s not at risk of going out of fashion, running out of batteries, or being tossed in the closet. It can provide a lifetime of income, and even more. This can work for virtually everyone you know. This may be perhaps be even more important for those in your life who may be about to feel a financial pinch from new taxes rules aimed as small businesses, or pressure being put on dividend stocks. Today, you don&#x27t have to give them a whole property either. It could be just enough to invest in a partnership or portion of a property. Summary The holiday shopping pressure is on. Those looking for a gift that will really wow, be valuable, and memorable might consider real estate. There are many ways to do it. What will you give?

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