The world&#x27s wealthiest investment gurus and billionaires are becoming increasingly transparent about their investment strategies. Wealthy global billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Tony Robbins are increasingly opening up about their investment secrets in new books, blogs and podcasts as they seek to share their success and help others achieve similar results in their portfolios. Here are some areas they focus on: Wealth Preservation There&#x27s a saying “big risk, big reward”, however, these risks should always be calculated. Wealth preservation and the return of investment capital is a priority, above return on investment. This can explain why strongholds like London, Hong Kong, New York City and San Francisco continue to draw global investments even though yields have been poor lately. Taxes Paying close attention to taxes is important, especially minimizing tax liabilities. For example Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos has a map prohibiting staff from entering certain regions to prevent triggering new tax liabilities. While Mr. Bezos and Amazon&#x27s route might be a bit extreme for the average private investor, for most it can still mean 25 to 50 per cent difference in net returns, income and wealth. The difference becomes more significant overtime, as gains or losses are compounded. Passive Income Time is limited. No one wants to be tied to their investments, while their friends and family are having fun. Hence choosing investments with passive income can be beneficial. Diversification Diversification brings together the best of the above. It helps protect wealth further and ensures the consistency of investment returns and ongoing income.

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