Alberta, Canada remains as not just one of the strongest and most stable provinces, but one of the few that is able to boast about any real substantial growth. The sustainable and safe growth, along with a legal system and investor protections that provide wealth protection are all evidence on how stable Edmonton is at the moment. Edmonton is where the growth is and has already been producing significant annual returns for real estate investors. Photo Credit: THBL However, growth here is just beginning. If it were a baby, Edmonton would still be in its first trimester in terms of this real estate cycle, only with the benefit of being firmly founded on Alberta&#x27s strong economy and energy sector with the maturity and security of being the provincial capital of Alberta. Between global and inter-provincial immigration, business startups and expansion, there is an increase in head offices relocating to Alberta in order to take advantage of the cost effective rent compared to Calgary. There is a barrage of new developments from hotels to government buildings and the arena, topped by expansion of the LRT system, Edmonton is expected to explode with growth over the next five years. So why retail? Alberta is a strong energy sector but tough market for less experienced investors to jump into profitably and energy companies have already grabbed up most of the property they need for the time being. Housing is great and continues to grow; bucking national and international trends, but often fails to deliver on maximum returns and truly passive income. It&#x27s a great sector for completely novice investors with lots of time on their hands and a zeal for getting their hands dirty. Not so much for those seeking to grow big nest eggs easily and enjoy cash flow without having to punch the clock. Edmonton&#x27s office sector is strong and will continue to be, even though it may not enjoy the same returns and growth potential of retail.  

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