Many Canadians are already investing in real estate via their own homes. However, investing in commercial real estate can diversify an investor&#x27s portfolio and bring other valuable advantages residential real estate can&#x27t, such as ongoing passive income or multiple tax benefits. In the past, commercial real estate has been thought of as more challenging than residential investing. And for new investors, the whole process can be overwhelming and scary. While there are differences between the two and different procedures are needed, investing in commercial real estate doesn&#x27t have to be intimidating. Today, there are many options investors can choose to help ease them through their investments. From commercial financing, third party partnerships and syndication structures, expert management is always accessible. Before investing, here are five strategies that can lead you to successful commercial real estate investing:

  1. Define your investment goals
  2. Clarify how much you want or have to invest and know your limits
  3. Layout timelines for when you want to start and how long you want your investment to carry on for
  4. Research which investment types are best suited to you
  5. Decide who can help, and what options are available

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