This September, the Retail Council of Canada is hosting its annual STORE conference in Toronto. It’s an event that no retailer would want to miss. For two days straight, experts will share various industry insights, talk about global retail trends, and offer a chance to seize a wealth of networking opportunities with other thriving Canadian retail businesses.

There will be panel discussions about the global retail trends being adopted in this ever-changing niche, as well as a panel addressing how to thrive in the value-focused retail environment.

Here’s the most exciting insights that attendees can expect at STORE 2020, Canada’s most prominent retail conference.

IKEA Canada’s Leap into Future

During the IKEA Canada’s panel discussion, attendees will learn how the company is stepping into the future by offering new experiences to customers.

Its CEO, Michael Ward, will talk about the company’s efforts to bring customers to the forefront of retail experience. Attendees will also learn how to be more customer-centric to help lead their retail businesses to success.

The ALDO Group’s Omnichannel Strategy

The ALDO Group will share insights and tips about meeting consumer expectations. Its CEO, David Bensadoun, will talk about the company’s strategy for being on every channel where consumers are. 

ALDO approaches omnichannel with a focus on the customer. They want to provide their customers with an authentic experience that forms strong connections with their brand. 

Retailers similar to ALDO will find their panel discussion informative, as ALDO share their retail ideology on how they create meaningful experiences, one customer, at a time.

Top Trends and Insights into the Retail Industry

Consumers nowadays expect fast service with experience, so how can retailers meet their needs? 

Some ways retailers meet these needs is through collaboration, by remaining customer-oriented, and through the power of storytelling. 

The founder and CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence, Kate Ancketill, will explore the revolution of retail. She is the chief storyteller at GDR and she plans to discuss the retail successes and failures over the years, as well as the top trends various brands are adopting today.

Meeting the Demands of Today’s Consumers

For many, it is no surprise the consumer today wants experiences when they shop, and luxury retail brands want their business. STORE 2020 will have experts discussing how Millennials and Gen Z are altering the future of luxury in retail. 

The conference will also feature several panels; including, the main stage session for discussing the retail industry insights. Experts will dig deep into consumer engagement, supply chain, brick-and-mortar stores, innovations in grocery stores, and much more.

Find out new ways of how to connect today’s consumer with your brand at STORE 2020. 


STORE 2020, Canada’s most prominent retail conference, is a fantastic opportunity to gain insight on how to engage consumers, generate and convert leads, and boost sales. 

The conference lends the opportunity to network with successful brands and successful retail ideologies on how to merge technology, privacy and social interaction inside the retail store. With insights from industry leaders, both retailers and retail real estate investors can gain knowledge on targeting the right audience the right way to meet their objective. The conference takes place on September 14-15, 2020. 

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