Do blondes really enjoy more real estate returns than everyone else? They say that “blondes have more fun”. Many would argue this is true, regardless of the reason for it. And when it comes to retail €˜blondes&#x27 seem to be a lot more popular too. In case you missed the news, is planning a major move into Canada alongside Target with a bold 150 new locations, with 124 set to open this year alone. A large part of the reasoning behind this massive invasion is due to incredible popularity of their €˜blonde&#x27 brew. Apparently Starbucks €˜blondes&#x27 are preferred by 60% of Canadians and the coffee giant sells more of its light brew in Canada than in the U.S. We&#x27ll definitely be seeing a lot more blondes on the streets of Edmonton as one of Target and Starbucks&#x27 main markets. In fact we&#x27ll likely be seeing a lot more of everyone in Edmonton as the latest data busts the spin that politicians and Realtors in other provinces have been trying to sell about there being no crash. The latest statistics show housing down, construction starts down and jobs failing, at least everywhere except for Alberta. Alberta is not just carrying the nation; the country&#x27s numbers would be a lot worse if not for the province. AB added 41,000 jobs year over year as of January 2013 almost the same number as was lost in ON & BC put together. Jobs continue to grow, and Edmonton enjoys the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the nation, just 0.2% behind Regina, and among the best in the world today, by a long shot. The most recent numbers from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp. show an almost 50% decline in housing starts in Ontario and a 30% drop in Quebec. Contrast that with the same number up 8% in Alberta. This all means more real estate growth in Alberta . This means rising property values, rents and perhaps most important for those reading this, rising yields and returns for commercial real estate investors.

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