With Alberta booming in every area, it's no surprise it's the Canadian province to be. In fact, the Canadian government anticipates that Alberta's in-migration will see its population grow to 6.2 million by 2041. Edmonton's population is likely to double as well, projected to add another one million new residents in the next 30 years. According to data and research from the University of Alberta's Population Research Laboratory, this will put Edmonton's population neck-and-neck with Calgary's. Furthermore, a recent investing letter highlighted by The Globe and Mail reports many of the current movement is done by our neighbours south of the border. Many Americans are deciding to set up shop in Canada, with reasons varying from job opportunities, rising wealth, steady housing costs and health benefits. While some might be cautionary with this northern migration, there are many positive values as well. Aside from increase in demand and prices and high property rates, it'll also bring growth in the economic market €“ continuing the high times in the province.   Want to learn more about Richard Crenian? http://richardcrenian.wordpress.com http://richardcrenian.ca

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