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Remote work has been on the rise even before the pandemic, but the events of 2020 have truly driven home the point of just how convenient working outside the office can be. If we are to see Canadian business districts buzz with activity once again, office development projects need to deliver more than spacious, open-concept workplaces with modern designs. They need to deliver unprecedented convenience in the form of high-speed internet. 


Post-pandemic Offices 

Of all the Canadian CRE sectors, the office sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. To help it recover quickly, it needs to focus on being innovative – and Waterfront Toronto is already paving the way. Set for completion in 2022, The Waterfront Innovation Centre is the most highly anticipated purpose-built innovation workplace in Canada.  

The center is expected to offer the fastest internet connection within their workplace, and although that may seem excessive at first glance, high-speed internet is a necessity in post-pandemic offices. 

Companies across niches and industries have started relying on high-speed internet for virtually all daily processes. A good connection is no longer acceptable. Most businesses need a faster and stronger connection that use to be reserve for those mainly in technology, gaming, and media but for practically all businesses that went remote at the start of 2020, they will also desire a fast connection. 

Regardless of the convenience of remote work, employers and employees alike grew tired after a full year of dealing with failed file uploads, glitching Zoom calls, and low-definition 360p videos. If there’s one thing that could bring workers back to offices, it is a high-speed connection. 


Attractive amenities luring employees back to offices 

Since post-pandemic offices need to compete with the convenience of working from home, they need to provide attractive amenities to attract workers back. A fast internet connection is just the first step. 

The future of work lies in easy communication and teamwork, which is why new office developments including the Waterfront Toronto office development is designing a workplace built for collaboration. 

Amenities including open-concept offices, shared spaces within the complex, and adaptable workspaces, the Waterfront Toronto office development project has already attracted tenants like WPP, MaRS, and U of T, among many others. 

Additional amenities, including under-floor air distribution, direct and indirect LED lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows to allow natural light, and rooftop power generation, this project is set to create a welcoming post-pandemic environment that appeals to employers and employees alike. 



It has never been more important for office development projects to keep employee comfort and convenience in mind. 

The Waterfront Innovation Centre development project is a great example of how to attract valuable office tenants that are excited to go back to work in a high-tech workplace. 

A high-speed connection and innovative amenities are the only way for the Canadian CRE market and office sectors to bounce back to their pre-pandemic activity levels. The future is bright for Canadian CRE investors who are shifting their gaze toward innovative office developments. 

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