Recent news surfaced Hewlett-Packard Co. is now facing a 10 year ban on supplying technology to the Canadian government. The news is unfortunate for HP, however it also indicated the sustainable and ethical direction Canada is taking. Under new rules, companies face automatic bans if they or any affiliates are convicted of violating rules in Canada, as well as anywhere else in the world. The rulings are a wake-up call for many major technology firms across the world. Even Apple experienced a similar issue in California after failing to comply with green environmental standards. While many smaller companies and entrepreneurs in recent years are quickly jumping on this trend, many larger corporations are lagging behind. Beyond technology, the move towards tougher regulations, more environmentally friendly and ethical businesses will likely also impact the Canadian real estate market in a significant way. With Canada leading the charge in ethical and sustainable business, beyond just the realms of the technology industry it&#x27s creating an environment of trust and security for investment capital and ultimately more sustainable growth and returns. Canada has once again found another edge in standing out on the world map.

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