The Greater Toronto Area has been undergoing massive changes over the past several years, with new construction projects always in progress in one area or another. Even the coronavirus pandemic could not slow down the growth, as we see Toronto’s skyline continuing to evolve without a hitch. 

In part, this is due to the progressive plans officials have for Toronto and also due to the ULMA Construction Canada crew who continues to successfully complete projects, making Canadian neighborhoods ever-more attractive, convenient, and inviting. This is an ideal environment for commercial real estate investments.  

Several Projects Underway in Toronto 

ULMA is an established construction company with over 50 years of experience in scaffolding, formwork, shoring, and climbing for cast-in-place concrete projects. It’s been operating in Canada for well over a decade, with some of its most exciting projects currently underway in the Greater Toronto Area. 

At the moment, ULMA is working on Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre – the 43-storey tall residential tower nestled right in the heart of the Mississauga City Centre. Their Auberge On The Park project is quickly approaching its 2021 completion, and the 357 King West and 160 Front West with its 134,766 square metres of commercial gross floor area are already attracting interested retailers and businesses. 

These are just some of the eye-catching projects ULMA is involved with, all of which are successfully reshaping Toronto’s skylines and breathing new life into the communities. 

Not Even Canadian Winters Can Stop the Progress 

Working on construction projects during Canadian winters is next to impossible for most companies, but ULMA is making it work. Unsurprisingly, it took a great deal of innovation and creativity to overcome the problems that extreme winters can bring. 

No construction work could’ve been completed in sub-zero temperatures without artificial heat that boosts productivity and assists in properly curing the concrete. But artificial heat brings about problems of its own, as it can be very detrimental to rubber and plastic components necessary for formwork. 

The only solution was “Canadianizing” some parts and using aluminum as opposed to softer plastics and rubber commonly used in warmer climates. 

Major Advances in the Industry Bring About New Possibilities 

ULMA is at the forefront of novel solutions that can optimize construction processes, and as such, it offers some solutions of its own. ATR is one of the solutions they offer. ATR is an advanced climbing formwork solution, while ATR-SC is a formwork support structure that eliminates the need for cranes when building stairs or elevators, for example. 

ULMA also offers a Building Information Modeling “BIM” database, which they call the ULMA Studio. Any professional in engineering, construction, architecture; including, teachers and students can access the free ULMA Studio. The goal of the BIM database is to streamline the construction process by offering realistic virtual models complete with a materials list, 3D images, animations, and more. 


Companies such as ULMA and ReDev Properties are reshaping Canada’s skylines and generating interest among investors and buyers. It comes as especially good news for retail CRE investors, as new opportunities keep presenting themselves with every newly completed project. Contact ReDev today for more information.

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