The Canadian Federation of Independent Business&#x27 latest index reading shows that while national numbers may be being pulled down by events in Ontario and Quebec, Alberta is staying solid, and is likely picking up quite the slack in other provinces. In fact, Alberta business owners that upgraded their outlook to “good” jumped almost 10 points.   Over a third reporting they are looking to hire more full time staff in June. On the other side, a Deloitte report shows similar optimism among larger corporations as well.   Chief financial officers are reportedly carrying over their high optimism into the second quarter for the first time on record according to the CFO Signals report. Alberta&#x27s entrepreneurs aren&#x27t fazed, and they shouldn&#x27t be. Small business owners in other parts of the world and south of the border are giving it a fair shot, but are not really confident. Here in Alberta, it&#x27s difficult not to be optimistic. Problems elsewhere only keep boosting the local economy in AB. So many small businesses here are hungry to hire, are willing to pay more in wages, and it&#x27s coming back to them. Edmonton is truly blossoming into an amazingly vibrant city, one on the verge of new growth, drawing young families and tech minded entrepreneurs as well as bigger corporate head offices and retailers which are adding the extra push to fire growth and command international attention. By all measures, if you want to start a small business in North America or grow an existing business, Edmonton is the place to do it. There are more residents, more workers, more homes being bought, sold and built.  Edmonton is seeing more innovative companies and stores sprouting up are bolstering consumer spending.

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