A recent Fox News report covered a new Facebook campaign to kick Canadian shoppers from overrunning U.S. stores. Washington shoppers have begun an online protest on Facebook with a page called “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans” which has already cultivated thousands of €˜likes.&#x27 It seems Americans are a little peeved at one of their favorite stores being overrun by Canadians and don&#x27t feel they are even getting a fair chance to shop. You&#x27d think they&#x27d be grateful for the economic boost at a time like this, a sentiment the Costco company certainly shares. This is a great example of why Canadian retail properties are in such high demand and why so many U.S. brands continue to hop the border. Canada continues to be praised as having one of the strongest economies and financial systems in the world and many Canadians have already woken up to the real figures and have realized that at least their investment dollars are better off put to work at home; but wouldn&#x27t our economy be even stronger if more of us shopped at home too? Whether masses of B.C. residents flood to Washington to stock up on low priced goods or not, it really doesn&#x27t seem to make much difference for retailers and commercial real estate investors in Alberta. The new influx of residents, capital, and increasing wages plus the mirror trend of more Americans coming in as tourists, looking for work and starting businesses in AB, are all keeping the economy and commercial real estate market firing on all cylinders.

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