Image Source: Steve wilson Canada&#x27s 30 and under crowd are poised to be among the most active in the financial and property markets over the next few years. They are just spreading their wings on their own, just coming into their peak earning years, and thanks to technology have more information at their fingertips than any generation before. The big question is what types of investments should this age group be looking for and what factors and strategies can best serve their financial needs, lifestyle aspirations and other goals? Long Term Wealth Building Assets It is said that we normally overestimate what we can achieve in one year and drastically underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years, provided that there is a 10-year plan in place. Invest for the long-term by dedicating a large part of your portfolio towards investments that offer slow but steady performance, which will provide compounding gains throughout the years. The earlier you start, the less you&#x27ll have to worry about saving or investing later on. Hands-Free Investing Few want to be tied down or tied up with capital-intensive investments or assets that can be more of a pain than a pleasure center. Fixing up and flipping houses or buying rental homes, is an excellent example of this. It looks profitable and relatively controlled on reality TV. But in reality, it can be really frustrating, stressful, nerve racking and extremely time consuming. The good news is that you can invest in the renovation of homes, apartment buildings, and even shopping centers, while others do all the work. This is true passive income investing and turnkey investments opportunities such as these should be considered as they can provide all the perks you are looking for, without having to get your hands dirty. Tax Shelters One of the most underestimated threats to younger investors is taxes. Yet, younger investors are just on the verge of entering their peak tax-paying years. Investments in real estate can help reduce tax burdens relative to income and selecting specific types of real estate investments can help to eliminate tax liability or defer taxes indefinitely, which will ensure that young Canadians are able to keep more of their income and investment returns. A Strong Foundation For those that don&#x27t own a home yet, a home can be a sound investment. This is provided that it doesn&#x27t add more stress and unreasonable debt to your financial balance sheet that hurts your ability to invest and save. Beyond the financial benefits, there are many other perks to owning a home. For those that find they aren&#x27t quite prepared to comfortably tackle the high property costs in some of Canada&#x27s top cities, it may pay to invest in other real estate first and then use those proceeds to purchase the home they really want. Diversification One of the most important factors in making great investment choices while young is diversification. You may already have a job you love, moving up the corporate ladder, or experiencing great success as a business owner, but if one thing is for sure it is that things change and industries rotate. With this in mind look for investments that offer safety in income diversification and safety. For example; you may work in the oil industry, but invest in retail property.  

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