Press Release – Real Estate Mogul Richard Crenian Provides Insight on Current CRE Market Trends & the Viability

Miami, Florida Sep 20, 2023   – Renowned real estate developer and entrepreneur, Richard Crenian, has recently shared his perspective on the current state of the real estate market and the potential advantages of investing in real estate. Richard Crenian’s insights were presented in a comprehensive analysis featured on his official website, The article titled “Timing […]
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Western Canada Apartment Market Poised for a Comeback

Photo credit: Unsplash Since the start of the pandemic, the Canadian CRE market has experienced some significant changes. We’ve seen a rise in demand for industrial solutions like warehousing and an unexpected rise in interest in residential and multi-family real estate in suburban environments. However, the urban environments have experienced heavy blows.  The urban office […]
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