Whyte Avenue Chapters announced that it’s going to close its doors by the end of the year. This is a definite decision, and the other company already has plans to move into the location on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. 



The Chapters Strathcona Branch in Edmonton is Closing


The corner of Whyte Avenue and 105 is a well-known location to the citizens of Edmonton. For years now, it has been the place where people could see the red Chapters letters above the entrance door. One of the largest bookstores in the area was unique thanks to an on-site Starbucks, which added to the overall experience. 


The official news is that the Chapters Strathcona branch is going to close its doors in January 2020. All we know so far is that the company decided it no longer wants to renew its lease. The Chapters store in Edmond was opened in 1998. 


In an official statement, Kate Gregory, Chapters public relations director, addressed the upcoming events: “After over 20 wonderful years at Chapters Strathcona, we can confirm that we will not be renewing our lease and that the store will be closing in a few months.”


“Though this was a difficult decision, we are dedicated to the community and look forward to continuing to serve our customers through our 15 Indigo, Chapters, Coles, and Indigospirit locations in Edmonton, as well as at indigo.ca.,” the Chapters PR director added. 


High demand leasable space will not be vacant for long


Highly sought-after Canadian real estate is at a premium the Alberta region, and it appears this location in Alberta province is no exception. Within a short time following the Chapters public relations direction comment, there was already interest in the newly vacated location from a major clothing store chain named Winners. 


Once Chapters moves out from the locality, it has to be prepared for the clothing chain Winners. The current space was not outfitted for a retailer, so the renovations will follow once Chapters has fully vacated the space. 


The Winners merchants are not exclusively selling clothing. They also have footwear, bedding, furniture, fine jewelry, beauty products, and housewares in their offer. Customers still have to wait and see what the new Winners store will offer, as they declined to provide more details on the developments. 


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