Are Canadians worrying about retirement a little too much? Recent news headlines have been full of stories about Canadians panicking about the small amount they have saved for retirement, how they can afford rising living costs, and if they will ever be able to afford to stop working. Are these fears really well founded and what is the solution? It is a little scary when six figure earning police chiefs feel they have to subsidize their incomes by bagging groceries, teachers fear being able to comfortably house and feed themselves in retirement, and young couples fear they can&#x27t afford to have children. It certainly raises questions about security threats and the potential for fraud as desperate people clutch at straws to keep their heads above water; but there are solutions out there. Regardless of recent personal loses, with the right financial education and investments there can be hope for steady income, good returns, and a growing nest egg. Yes, perhaps some need to shave the spending a little, get rid of bad debt and care a little less about having to outdo their friends by being the first to have the hottest brand, though these are pretty easy fixes. Perhaps what should be cool should be being able to one up your neighbors with a great performing investment portfolio and better returns. With the way home prices have been increasing, maybe sound investments should even come before buying a new home and upgrading. Let your investments pay for your living expenses and down payment. Stable returns are available to those who know where to invest, along with capital growth. The beautiful thing is that this does not even have to require searching for an exotic destination offshore to invest in, or becoming a stock picking pro. It can be as simple as investing in commercial real estate at home, in Canada.

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