2014 is turning out to be an optimistic year for Canadian investors. Multiple sources polling mid-year reports are finding Canadians are generally more happy about the nation&#x27s real estate then previous years and the forecasts continues to look rosy. In a July report and poll from Bloomberg, Canadians have not been this optimistic about the nation&#x27s real estate market in over six years. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, Canadians are even brushing off predictions of any potential market slowdown. Instead the organization shows home prices rose 8.1 per cent during the first five months of 2014, compared to only 1.3 per cent growth over the same period in 2013. Another July monetary policy report and rate announcement from the Bank of Canada suggests there is continual great news for commercial real estate investors still looking to make more acquisitions and investments this year. The report notes ongoing stimulus measures will help bolster the already optimistic Canadian consumer view, stimulating topping returns. As a whole, Canada is showing promising signs for investors, with attractive yields and safety. It also doesn&#x27t hurt when many indicators suggest the city of Edmonton to being a front-runner for consistent growth and capital gain in the foreseeable future.  

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