In a shocking media event The Telegram quotes Canada&#x27s Finance Minister as saying he was “happy” about his role in bursting the country&#x27s housing market. So what does the future landscape of the nation&#x27s real estate market look like and where can Canadians find financial safety? Of course while backpedaling and reversing recent policies moves could be done it is clearly extremely unlikely, if only due to ego and nothing else. Even though Jim Flaherty may refuse to acknowledge the data and signs that much of the nation is headed for financial disaster, Bank of Canada&#x27s Mark Carney has been busy sounding the alarm bells again. The Globe and Mail has raised major concerns about the condo market in Toronto, analysts are closing watching the U.S. fiscal cliff and its potential to force the Canadian economy to contract further and now Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of Canada has indicated an interest rate rise is essential. Now that the housing markets in B.C. and ON have been essentially thrown over the cliff with no parachute, it&#x27s a free fall which experts are increasingly acknowledging is sapping consumer spending, will wipe out jobs and have a continued depressing effect on local economies. On the other hand, investment in AB is booming. In fact many parts of the province are continuing to report record setting real estate sales, especially at the high end of the market as flight capital continues to plow its way in. A major meltdown elsewhere is only going to quite literally force many to flee to the safety of Alberta for jobs and for safety for their capital and future financial security. This is just going to fuel the positive upward cycle being seen in cities like Edmonton. This propelling force is set to continue to push up local property prices, jobs and earnings and consumer spending. Even more notable among investor circles there is a major push to find high quality income investments. Fortunately, there are still attractive income investment opportunities available in Alberta, though perhaps more so in Edmonton. High quality retail properties offering safety for capital, significant growth opportunities and appealing yields and income are still out there for those who know where to look.

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